Meis Belle Wahr & Jip Merkies is a photography and creative duo based in Amsterdam.

Meis worked on her own for several years when they met. 
The first time they worked together Jip was her light assistant, and eventually after a couple of
 shoots they joined their creative forces and started photographing together. Jip with 
his technical background and excels at post-production and Meis with her creative point of
 view and production skills makes this mix complete. Together they have a very personal vision to capture 
people the way they are in an accessible way. In their photography energy is always important. 
On set they photograph alternately, Jip in a more masculine way and Meis in a more feminine 
way but still with the same end result. While one is photographing the other one is the extra pair of eyes on set. 
With their creative minds they also love to develop a concept from begin till end when needed. 
And last but not least they prefer to do their own post-production because of their knowledge in 
post-production they know how to bring their photos to an higher level. 

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